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Cristy Cathey (Seago)

Cristy Cathey (Seago)

February 1949-May 2004

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02/19/09 02:42 PM #1    

Jeannie Seay (Ellison)

Cristy Cathey Seago – great daughter, friend, and mom – (February 1949-May 2004)
LOTS of stories but I will try to be brief….

Cristy burst into my life in junior high when our worlds were expanding and at the end of our sophomore year, when the friendship was still new - at a “Talisman” annual signing party at Pam Christian’s - this is what Cristy wrote in my CHS annual:

Dear Jeannie,
Honey, we’ve gone through many times together, whether good or bad I don’t know. Seriously, we’ve had lots of fun and I hope we can always be friends. Best of luck always.
(If you and I don’t win a typing award, no one will.)
Love ya’,Cris
P.S. You and I appreciate the same kind of jokes – remember the fountain of youth.
Love those S.A.H. Stay Cool!

In my handwriting next to Cristy’s signature was a parenthesis with (Cathey) - so I would remember her last name? Must have been before we knew that the friendship would last forever. Sometime later I placed an asterisk by the SAH and wrote “Swiss Alp Herders.” I remember “laughing ‘til we cried” about Swiss Alp Herders but neither of us could remember at our last reunion just exactly why a Swiss Alp Herder was so funny. So if any of you have any SAH information OR fountain of youth info, please let me know.

I have a lifetime of Cristy memories but will only share the fact that we got lost on “road trips” a lot - from the summer of ’67 to the summer of 2000 – but as usual, we never seemed to care - we laughed our way back on track - laughed as we did about everything else in life. I miss her jokes and her laughter…

The Path
Across ebony night waters
The moon produced a narrow trail
We thought we could walk on forever
But even small dragonfly feet
Change the path into silver graffiti
Fleeting ephemeral into darkness
Circles moving away from the luminous straight path
By the light of day
The trail is forgotten
Like love and youth
A brilliant flower
Holds perfection for only a moment
As twilight falls
That eternal summer shall not fade
I will remember
JASE ‘03

08/13/13 05:00 PM #2    

Ron Morgan

Jeannie, a Swiss Alp Herder refers to some people that live in the Swiss Alps. Every year they have a big celebration and event called the "Alpabfahrt," where they bring all the cows down from the mountains.  They decorate both themselves and the cows with all kinds of colorful costumes, hats, etc.  It's quite a sight.  Go to Google Images and do a search for "alpabfahrt" and you'll get hundreds of links and pictures on the subject.  I remember seeing Cristy in the hallway, but didn't know her personally.  Maybe this information will help you figure out what she was talking about. 

 - Ron Morgan, Class of '68

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