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07/18/12 07:17 PM #51    


Eileen Clemenzi (Little)

I love you Dana Beck!!!  

07/19/12 01:16 AM #52    


Bill Norwood

What a GREAT weekend with all my classmates!!  Thanks, especially, to Joe, Eileen, and Mark for all your hard work and organizational skills...very well done.  Also, thanks to Ray and Janet for opening up your beautiful homes for the get-togethers...couldn't have been better!  I had a wonderful time getting re-acquainted with former friends and having the opportunity to make new friends.  I agree with Mr. Beck...if you didn't have a good time, it's your own damn fault!!

07/19/12 09:13 AM #53    


Jim McAden

Outstanding - what else can I say?  It was great to see so many oldies but goodies.  Thanks to Eileen, Mark, Ray, Janet and all that assisted with the gatherings.  I hated to miss the music but our kids and grandkids (they live in Abilene) wanted to have dinner Saturday to celebrate our wedding anniversary - after 35 years I have learned to say yes, dear!    I can't wait till the next reunion - more great times.

07/19/12 03:37 PM #54    


Danny Sherman

Dana, well said!

07/19/12 04:12 PM #55    


Janice Bates (Agee)

Thank you is not enough for all  your hard work.  I had such a wonderful time.  I really hope we can do it all again soon.  Everything was GREAT!! And I do agree with Dana.

07/19/12 05:10 PM #56    


Cindy Sullins (Dees)

Dana said it all!  To those who could have made it and didn't, you really missed a special time.   Looking forward to our next event!  Thanks again to Mark, Joe, Janet, Ray and especially Eileen who helped make this the greatest reunion ever!

07/20/12 12:14 PM #57    


Ken Passons

Dana, you have always had a way with words, I'm glad and proud you were my date. it was most outstanding. Love seeing some new faces and enjoyed seeing ones i've see in the past gatherings. 50 years will be special, but by gosh, 46 will be a hoot as well, see a bunch of you next year, July 13th I believe. 

My very best to all that gave so much of their selves for others.

 As for the others who could come and didn't ,they can also kiss my arse.


my love to all

07/20/12 02:14 PM #58    


Nancy Trinkner (Sisco)

Fantastic weekend!!  Eileen, Mark, Ray Janet and Terry I can't thank you enough for all you guys did to make it all work. Thanks to all the bands that put together Woodstock.  So good to see everyone again.  This was the best reunion we have ever had.  Can't wait until the 50th.

07/28/12 05:28 PM #59    


Sandy Bridges (Souchon)

What a wonderful time we had at my first ever reunion.  It was great to reconnect with old friends and to see so many familiar faces.  Many thanks to Eileen for all of her hard work, and to Ray and Janet for opening up their homes.  Thanks also to Mark and Joe for all the work you do keeping us together.  Looking forward to my next reunion.

12/30/12 09:44 PM #60    

Janice Paschal (Stevens)

Wayne I am so sorry to hear about your wife.  I know the loss you feel.  I lost my husband, my best friend Sept. 7, 2007 and I still miss him dearly.  Time does heal but there will always be times that bring back memories.  I know you wonder how you can ever go on without her but just trust in God and he will help you.  I could have never made it without my family, friends and God.  Just hang in there and I will be praying for you.

11/10/13 08:25 AM #61    


Cindy Lowe (Watson)

Melanie, Happy Birthday very soon. Who would have ever thought we would be looking at 65!!!!!! I'll be there too before too long. Seems unreal. Hope you have a great one. 

Hope to see you some time soon. 

Did you know our moms play bridge together sometimes?

love ya,


08/02/14 01:51 PM #62    


Fred Doyle

Good seeing everyone again! Will be fun tonight-

08/02/14 02:25 PM #63    

Deborah Galbraith (Connolly)

Good to see you too. Are you coming for lunch?

08/03/14 09:43 PM #64    


Fred Doyle

Deb good to se you! Sorry about Pam!

08/07/14 08:14 AM #65    


Claudia Van Cleave (Savio)

Thanks to all of you for the hard work of the weekend. It was great to see new faces there. Some of you haven't been back for years. Mark, Eileen, Toni, and Larry have all done a lot to make these events special and we all appreciate you all! To all the folks who contributed and because I don't know all of your names Thanks! 

03/09/17 06:24 PM #66    


Richard (Rick) Ratliff

Mark..... I agree, you do a fanstatic job with this web (your) site and all the orchestration of activities.  It is very much enjoyed..and appreciated.  THUMBS UP !!  Although my brother Wayne and I were there only for 65-66  (Wayne began his senior year in 65 and graduated from Cooper in 66 and I began and finished 11th...and began senior year in 66 but were transfered out in Nov 66) we have fond memories of Dyess, Abilene, and Cooper High.  Although I got to "know" only approx 10 of you I was aquaintained with numerous others.  Reading the comments, seeing the photos and sensing continued closeness and spirit of Classmates stirs up memories and plants a big smile on my face.   Have always had good "intentions" to make it back for at least one reunion; but simply have not.  But, when you do have a Class Renion.... I smile, think of you and wish you all another GOOD, enjoyable time and visit..  I will be having my 50th senior class reunion also April 28th-29th ... so in a sense I will be reminincing TWO  groups of treasured memories and friends.  Best to you all, always. 

05/01/17 02:29 PM #67    


Eileen Clemenzi (Little)

Well, we did it.  A fantastic 50th class reunion.  Thanks to all who made the effort to attend. I hope everyone got home OK.  I'm sorry for all of the last minute cancelations due to illness.  And for those of you who were not interested in attending, you will never know how much fun you missed.  I have been told that we have the class that has the most fun.  
  Thank you to all of our guests that wanted to come and play with us.
  A special thanks to our teachers, Miss Williams, Mr. Humphrey, Coach Mendenhall, Mr. Stuard, Mr. Robinson, and Mr. Holladay, for joining us Saturday afternoon at the school for square hamburgers and pink cookies.  Somehow I thought you all must be 100 years old by now, but you proved me wrong.
  I can't appreciate enough, Ray Maddox, for opening up his beautiful home on the lake for Fri. Night, and Tim and Pamela Smith, for letting us use their patio, when they are going thru such hard times with their ill daughter.  Nita Johnson Brewer, Tim's mother, opened up his home for us.  
  And last, but not least, my team,  John A. Landers. Deborah Galbraith Connolly, Frann Smith, Jim McAden, and Ray Maddox, you all know how much I love you for helping me.  They were there telling me everything was going to be all right, when I was about to have a nervous breakdown.  I finally laid down Sun. afternoon about 4 and didn't get up until 8 this morning.  A couple more of those nights and I will be back to whatever normal is. 
   Mark Radzinski, you and Kandi were greatly missed.  I hope you are feeling better. 

I know you all are happy this is over so you won't have to hear demands from me for the next 5 years.  I have enjoyed every minute of it.  Love to all.

05/01/17 06:56 PM #68    


Dana Beck

Much love to Eileen and the others for your tireless efforts trying to keep this band of gypsies together and in line.Had a great time and always love seeing our talented and diverse group of Abileneans.Hope to meet again on the trail....dB.....Now get back to work Eileen 😀

05/02/17 10:11 AM #69    


Robert Sloan

 Sounds like it was a great weekend. I really wish I could've been there. Schedule was just impossible to move around.  I'm definitely hoping to be at the next one.  Eileen, and all those who helped you, thanks so much for working as hard as you do to keep all of us connected. Blessings, Robert 

05/02/17 03:28 PM #70    


Cindy Sullins (Dees)

What a great weekend celebrating our 50th!  A huge thank you goes out to Eileen and her team who worked so hard and made this weekend so special. We were able to see classmates that we hadn't seen in 50 years. For those who weren't able to attend, you really missed a great experience. I can't wait for the next one!k

05/02/17 04:17 PM #71    


Robert Little

It was a super fast weekend and what a great time we all had....I think Eileen will be taking a break for about a week, been a while since we went full blast and up till 1am in the mornings. I have seen a lot of folks that I didnt get to say hello to that I wanted to but my gopher duties kept a little on the run...between Eileen and Deborah Galbraith tellling me that table is crooked,   hey   we out of ice...need more beer cooled down...and so forth, but I loved every minute of it.. Cooper Cougars 1967 are the GREATEST. See yall at the next party.

05/02/17 07:39 PM #72    

Toni Terzian (Wellhausen)

As a guest, all I can say is that the Class of 67 does know how to party!! And I thought that accolade belonged only to Class of 69! I hope we can do as well. Thank you so much for including us - not doing the GBW party this year left us w/ the possibility of not seeing you all. So we are doubly grateful for being included. Eileen, you, Deborah,  & your team DO know how to give a party. Know you put in so much hard work and long hours - but by the looks of all the comments, EVERYONE loved it. So sorry Mark and Kandy missed it! Here's to all the celebrating we can do!!


05/03/17 12:30 AM #73    

Charles Taylor

Kathy and I had a great time Friday night with thanks to Eileen, Deborah, Ray, and Robert for blowing up the baloons, and all the others.  Sorry to have missed the Saturday and Sunday festivities, but saving my limited energy for Garage Band Woodstock (GBW) 8, coming up on July 15.  Wayland's great idea will continue to expand and support another great cause here in Abilene - "New Horizons", benefitting local kids of all ages, that just need a channce, along with love and understanding.  We really did enjoy seeing so many folks Friday, and look forward to seeing you all again at GBW8.  You know, the only reason I was in so many graduating classes (65, 66, & 67) was so I could go to more class reunions.  Peace and happiness to all.

05/03/17 09:06 AM #74    

Cheryl Thomson (Crandall)

What a terrifically fun and wonderful weekend.  Thank you to Eileen, Robert, Deborah and everyone else that worked so hard to make the '67 Weekend truly great for all of us.  Enjoyed so much seeing all the friendly faces that we shared our youth with.  Wayland shares my sentiment and thanks you as well.  You guys are great - and you do Rock!!  Next April 27, 28 - the great Class of '68 celebrates our 50th!!  xoxoxo  Love to you all!

Cheryl & Wayland Huey

05/03/17 04:01 PM #75    


Cindy Lowe (Watson)

What a fun weekend we had. Eileen and team are amazing. You always know how to do things just right. Sometimes I wonder how we got so lucky to be placed in Abilene all at the same time, same school, and same year. Beyond luck. I treasure all of my CHS friends. It was so great to see so many of you this weekend. Those of you that didn't come....... we missed you. Don't let another one pass you by!  I always look forward to the next!!   




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