Michael Hanson

Profile Updated: June 27, 2011
Residing In: Springfield, 4055 N. Haven St., MO USA
Spouse/Partner: Vicki, Since Sept.28, 1980
Homepage: mkhansontx@hotmail.com
Occupation: HVAC Master (Retired) 3M and Motorola
Children: Daughter and Son, both living in Santa Fe,NM both very talented artists. Even one grandson is an up More…and coming artist, at the age of 8! His paintings SELL (Bob Dylan has one on his tourbus) and some have even been stolen from an exhibit!
Yes! Attending Reunion

Military Avenue, Omaha, NB

What Vehicle Do You Drive

First choice...one of several motorcycles.


Enjoyed Waylon's recollections on the bands, music and events. If I remember right, the "The Livin' End" members were known as "Blue Men", for a short period of time prior. When I was hanging around them, members consisted of Waylon, Tommy Marlin, Randy Smith, Kenneth Haynes and Steve Evans. Best damn garage band in Texas. Kenneth gave me a guitar pick that one of the Doors left stuck in Ken's Les Paul guitar. I still have it!

School Story:

Dyess Elementary, Lincoln Jr. High, Cooper Class of '66, but moved to our farm in Missouri at the end of my Junior year. The worst day of my life up till then was the day I checked out of CHS. Pam Estes saw me, thought I was "quitting" and was horrified! She was a real comfort to me and the last person I talked to before I left.
Made it to the Class Reunion (35th) in 2001. I was living in Austin at the time. Moved back to MO in 2004 to be near Wife's parents, now in their 80's. Will be moving back to Austin the first chance we get! I miss everything about it except the fireants and traffic. I help make Austin Weird!
Good to see class photos and reunion pix of old friends, neighbors and classmates. Being an AF Brat, like all the others, I call the place I liked best "home". Abilene was my formative years and they were the best years for many in my life!
Recently, they had an episode on "Mythbusters", where they tried to recreate the removal of a cop car's rear axle as done in the movie "American Graffitti". They concluded it was a myth as the "test" failed. I can tell you they used the wrong type of car. In the movie they used a '61 Ford. At MacEplen's, Oct.'64, it was done to a '64 Ford. The car had a 390 with std. 3 speed on the column and he was taking out to give Jimmy Minear a ticket for peeling out. The cop left more rubber on North First than all the kids put together, that night. He also left his rear axle two blocks behind him. I won't say who all was in on this, as most are still alive. I'd bet we all have a favorite story that occurred in the vacinity of MacEplen's! This site should have a separate venue for just such stories. What say you, Mark?

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Michael Hanson has left an In Memory comment for Nancy Richards.
Apr 05, 2017 at 4:33 PM

An unforgetable gal, she was. She was "hip" before hip was cool. "Nannook" was her nickname, for many of  her friends. So sorry to hear she is gone, before I had a chance to see her again.

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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:54 AM
'62 Mustang motorcycle. We slammed into the side of a '59 Pontiac on Sayles Blvd. I rebuilt the bike in Shop Class.
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:54 AM
My '57 Metropolitan.
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:54 AM